3D touch- by Apple


On September 9, 2015 the world’s most valued brand ‘Apple Inc.’ held a special event to launch new features and products. Along with launching Apple TV, Apple iPencil, Apple iPad pro, the company also launched their most awaited and the flagship product- the iPhone. The new iPhone 6S has some worth noticing features like upgraded performance, vibrant display, better camera and a longer lasting battery. But out of those, one feature was truly revolutionary and ground breaking- the 3D touch!

Source- http://www.apple.com/iphone-6s/3d-touch/

The new feature called ‘The 3D touch’ is a deeply rooted feature in the iPhone 6S. It changes the way the user interacts with the phone, with more focus on the nature of touches generated. The prominent features under this 3D touch are:

  • Peek and pop: before you open up your email, message or even a website, you can now press the object lightly to take a quick peek at it. Pressing the object more would open it for you. This utility is extremely useful while reading articles, as you an now open the links then and there, and close them if you don’t want to read further
  • Quick launch: a shortcut to your frequent tasks. On hovering on the list, you could see the state of the object, as active or passive. This is truly remarkable technology as it simulates the traditional hover function available in desktops. Further research in this domain could create better usable interfaces
  • Live photos: the not-so-lively images can now be seen with thir animated version with the use of Apple’s new 3D touch. You simply touch a photo and it starts displaying its vivid nature

There’s a lot more to be explored in 3D touch, from Virtual reality apps to making quotidian activities like reading more lively. It would be interesting to see Apple’s next move in the area of HCI and 3D touch!



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