BLOCKS – The World’s First Modular Smartwatch

Google’s project Ara was a revolutionary step in creating the world’s first modular phone. The very idea of customizing your phones to your lifestyle, preferences and budget gives the freedom of choice to the user. The user completely controls the behaviour of the device for his own unique choice. Blocks brings similar innovation of modularity in the space of Wearables- smart watches. With Blocks, you can customize your smart watch to have the functionalities you want- GPS tracker, Blood pressure module, SIM card module, extra battery module and what not to expect in their modules offering. Together, the smart watch indeed becomes more smart and enhances user’s experience in all ways possible!

BLOCKS- The world’s first modular Smartwatch

Why is it relevant to HCC?
Smart watches have been gaining excessive popularity, due to their accessibility and the spectrum of features offered. People use them to track their heart rate, blood pressure, food habits, health status and eventually incorporate the insights gained to enhance their lives. Blocks offers all the functionalities in one watch with options to customize different modules. Since blocks focuses on helping humans to lead a healthy and modern life by the use of their revolutionary modular approach, it is all set to create its mark in the HCC area.

Is it a user centered design? Why or why not?
Blocks designers have been continuously working on improving the prototype to cater to the users needs. With thorough considerations for wrist sizes, dial sizes, removable straps and the overall usability of the watch, the design of Blocks is not only user centered but also user adaptive.

Suggested Improvements
The blocks in the smartwatch should be made available in different sizes to create an adjustable length of the strap. This would help users to adjust the strap according to their wrist size.


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