MixStik- Magic stick for cocktail making


Cocktails are magic! There are so many possible combinations of ingredients, tastes and colors. Everybody loves them. They can transform any moment into something special.
So why don’t we make them more often?

As rightly introduced in the video by the MixStik team on Kickstarter, cocktails are magic that add a special flavour to the moment making it more memorable. But then why don’t we make them often? Simple. The process is complicated; one has to find a suitable recipe, the ingredients and most important, mix them in their recommended order. Lot of work. What if all the heavy lifting was taken care of and you could just immerse yourself in the moment? MixStik is the answer to your worries!


MixStik, a campaign on Kickstarter, is a connected device that makes the cocktail making task completely hassle free. A small water proof silicon stick when connected to the MixStik app can create cocktail in few easy steps:
-Connect MixStik to the app
-Calibrate for glass measurement
-Chose from over 100+ recipes
-Mix the ingredients and
-Voila, the delicious cocktail is ready to be served!

Why is it relevant to HCC?
Beverages are an integral part of Human life. Fruit juices, shakes, cocktails and mocktails add a special flavour to the parties. So, a product which addresses a problem in this human centric space is bound to be closely related to HCC.

Is it a user centered design? Why or why not?
MixStik’s simple yet catchy light indicators guide the user in creating the concoction. The waterproof silicon body, with the design of a stick resembles the spoon and thus, build a quick empathy with the user. I think the appealing appearance, clear visibility and quick feedback of the MixStik as well as the app, makes the MixStick a well designed user centered product.

Suggested Improvements
MixStik can be improved if:
-the stick can display the alcohol content in the cocktail. This would be helpful esp. for those who are concerned about the consumption of the quantity of alcohol
-it can display the taste of the concoction making it easier for further subjective customization.