User-Centric Design for Large Enterprises


Recently I stumbled upon an article by Margaret Kelsey who reflected on a Webinar on User-Centric Design for Large Enterprises delivered by Jean-Marcel Nicolai, the Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Digital Products and Services for Centric Digital. It was an informative article about how designing for an enterprise can be very different than designing at a small firm; the challenges faced and the mitigation policies also take a different route as compared to the ones at small companies.

Designing at Large Enterprises
Designing at Large Enterprises


Why is it relevant to HCC?
The central idea of the article is about user-centered design at large companies which in turn has the effect on a large population. The users would be blessed with a good experience if the design is thoughtfully embedded in the overall process but would curse the services/product if their design is vaguely connected to the users. Since the article speaks about all things HCC, it certainly falls under the HCC domain.

Is it a user centered design? Why or why not?
The author briefly summarizes the webinar in terms of the global challenges, cultural challenges and further explains them through a case study. The approach followed is a user centered approach and the reader is forced to think in the similar way. The author also convinces the user how embedding the design process in the main production process can help acquire more users and solve issues users have with the product/service.
As quoted in the article “Test things out with a prototype to make a product tangible for stakeholders”, the author describes how Prototyping can help in tricky situations involving crammed deadlines and quick results.

Suggested Improvements
The article is very well organized and keeps the user hooked to the central idea of user-centered design through out the reading. I don’t think it could have been written in a better manner manner with respect to communicate the intended idea. I would be further interested in understanding in detail the design process at large companies; their place in the big picture, importance given and the collaboration between different stakeholders. I would also like to compare my results with a similar study about the design process at small organizations.

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