Making and breaking the grid


This articles talks about my reflections on ‘Making and breaking the grid’ by Timothy Samara. The author gives the reader a brief history on evolution of Grid system, method of implementation and its applications. The fundamentals of grid system, its technical aspects, types and how to use them correctly is also illustrated very well in the article.

I’ve previously used grids in my projects, mostly modular grid, but never knew that there were other types of grids like manuscript, hierarchical and column. I’ve used modular grids before in my website projects for arranging photos to be displaying in a gallery. The photos were arranged in a modular grid format, rows and columns, so that the user can have a quick overview and peek inside one which he likes. I also think that modular grid might be the most widely used forms of grids- Google drive, facebook photos, instagram photos, website galleries, etc. All of these and many others incorporate some type of modular grids in displaying their content. I’m glad that I was also exposed to the fundamentals of grid system which taught me terminologies like modules, margins, flowlines, spatial zones which was an enriching addition to my grid knowledge. Also, knowledge about other grid forms like Manuscript, Hierarchical and Column will help me in deciding the appropriate choice of grid in my prospective projects.


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